In 1979 Mr. Giuseppe Battaglia founded the Shoes Company BICAP, after more than 30 years of experience in athletic shoes.

In 1989, Mr. Battaglia’s 5 sons created the Shoes Company 5BI, a dynamic company active in athletic, trekking and football shoes production.
In a short time the company became and industrial reality and began discovering new markets around the world and working in
international business as a leader in safety shoes production with its registered brand BICAP.

The company is strongly oriented in raw material selections and in innovation of technology by using the most modern industrial systems.
All this allows to create a product based on a mix of experience and technology all MADE IN ITALY.

The 5BI shoes factory covers a surface of 20.000 M2 in the industrial area of Barletta. Shoe production reaches 6.000 pairs per day for a total of 2 million pairs per year.
Today the company continues its tradition thanks to the second and third generation’s management team.


In the town of Montocassiano, Italy, among the hills where Leopardi once wrote, there is a workwear manufacturer that upholds the highest Made in Italy traditions; CBF Balducci.The heartfelt wish of the founder, Commendatore Franco Balducci, is love and TAILORING respect for your own work and for that of others.

This is the love and respect that we find in CBF products: they are a combination of style, function and quality workmanship and choice of materials.

This is the love and respect that live on in a modern interpretation within the Company’s production procedures, strongly oriented to high levels of productivity whilst respecting the environment and people.

This is also the love and respect that can be seen in customer relations: open relations, which last and which are oriented to partnership and common growth.

Still today, CBF Balducci attentively nurtures the spirit of craftsmanship that is behind the greatness of this part of central Italy: knowing how to harmoniously merge the wisdom of hands with the most innovative technology within an increasingly competitive market.



In 1979 Mr. Giuseppe Battaglia founded the Shoes Company BICAP, after more than 30 years of experience in athletic shoes

Itsafe is a brand by BICAP reserved to a specific range of Italian Safety Shoes of one of the leading international manufacturers of safety footwear.
We put our customers/their markets,their benefits and their market actions at the centre of our commercial growth target, ensuring a common success. 
Our co-operation and long experience in this field is determined by fairness, protection of customers markets, trust and creativity, Innovative power, competitive products trough best services and a global network , which is supported by motivated team.
We believe in continuous improvement about quality of safety shoes attempt to market needs proposing new articles solutions.

Professional uniforms truly matter to us. They are the first tool of every professional, essential for carrying out quality work. For this reason, over time we have built a team of capable, experienced,
and passionate professionals. We only use the most advanced technologies and the best materials, like the Marzotto fabrics, an Italian brand of the highest level and a historical group. Because we know that to make the best garments, we need the best professionals and tools.
OursOurs is a modern DNA, capable of constantly renewing itself, listening to and incorporating contemporary needs. For this reason – today more than ever – we feel the need and duty for greater respect for the environment and we commit many of our resources to the research for eco-friendly solutions and garments, both in terms of production methods and fabrics used, more resistant and less polluting. For us,listening to the customer is not only important: it is fundamental. This is why we have developed a series of services and tools refined and perfected over the years, in order to create the best possible garments, the perfect garments – your garments.